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Green new world

Focus on clean electricity,Energy saving by heartEnjoys a green life

Focus, and innovation is our never stagnant pace,We stick to the belief of responsibility and benefit!Over the years,We are always committed to the power quality management,In order to improve the user power quality for the mission,In order to improve power quality technology as the core,Continue to create value for our customers!

Ann can express to provide you with first-class products and quality technical services,Build green grid,Create a green life!

Ann can express brand

Ann can express electric(Anergel Electronic) Germany's reactive power compensation and professional brand in the field of power quality optimization,Companies rely on Germany early scientific research institutions and professional laboratory research and development team,The reactive power compensation and is committed to technology and product research and development in the field of power quality management,Has accumulated rich professional experience in electrical energy management use。
Ann can express(China)Electrical was established2004Years,After more than ten years of innovation and development,Ann can express electrical product solutions and technical service scope covers the governance of the harmonic wave in the power grid、Power quality detection and management、Power factor correction, and other fields。

Professional products

Ann can jie always focus on dynamic power factor compensation、Modular compensation、Active filter and power quality management,Products covered many parts of China power grid and many industries,We are committed to the pursuit of high customer satisfaction,Take the quality as the center,On the basis of full participation,Establish a set of scientific strict and efficient system of total quality management and lean production,To high-quality product quality,The escort for the green grid,Just to create green life!

Technical services

Professional technical services team,365Instant response system,At the same time have a complete service system and the consummation service process,Provide systematic solution for you。We have strong technical force,Open communication and communication can provide you with professional solutions、Share with your rich experience in large engineering practices。Mexicana service,Let you feel more at ease!

Ann can express brand application

In the process of many years of cooperation,We established deep friendship with Ann can express and trust in each other,Can choose Ann,Because they can bring stable and reliable quality of reactive power compensation,And at any time to provide professional technical services and support!

------ Panzhihua iron and steel

In the cooperation,We have found,Ann can express professional staff、Professional dedication、Considerate;Ann can express the consistent product quality;Ann can express technology service response is fast、High efficiency!

------ In the west to east gas pipeline of oil